Heidi Lou Parton

   Life and Career       


Heidi Lou Parton was born on December 17, 1985 in Nashville, TN. Heidi is the youngest child born to Randy and Deb Parton. At just a year old the Parton family moved back to her fathers hometown of Sevierville, TN and it was there that she and her older sister Tever were raised. At an early age Heidi found a deep love for music from family members recording the Country Countdown for her to all around family sing along's in the car on the way back and forth between Nashville and Sevierville. Her first performance was at her fathers theater inside the Dollywood Theme Park. It was 1990 in the Gas Light Theater, Parton was just four years old singing along to ‘Achy Breaky Heart.’ It just so happened that the ever so ambitious young performer had memorized her fathers entire show and joined him on the stage. After her debut performance she appeared on a Christmas show with her Aunt Dolly Parton. From singing songs with her many aunts, uncles, cousins and other family members her love for music and for entertaining others grew! Soon she was performing at her Aunt Stella’s Hat House Cafe. During that Summer her mother Deb Parton recalls there being an outside venue where local artist went to perform. Among those local artist people would find both Heidi and her father Randy doing exactly what they love, performing! 

Heidi grew up craving music, not academics. While others in her class were playing and enjoying their everyday normal childhood Heidi was pursuing her career. She fondly recalls winning the 4H talent show every year and singing at the 8th grade graduation. She also recalls singing in the Christmas pageants, while others would take days and weeks to memorize the pageant Parton could manage it in a day. Heidi’s mother would always tell her that when she needed to memorize something she should sing it and that is just what she did. From memorizing a pageant, songs and dialog from her fathers show to even memorizing information for a test singing a song is what got her through it all.

After graduating from Gatlinburg-Pittman High School Heidi continued performing at Dollywood at her fathers theater until she was 19. After Dollywood she continued to perform with her father in East Tennessee and North Carolina. Eventually the family returned to their roots in East Tennessee and Heidi went on to Nashville to pursue her second love. Her second love being skin care and she attended the Paul Mitchell School of Aesthetics. After attending the Paul Mitchell School she went onto LA and studied the art of makeup.

In 2012 Heidi returned to Dollywood to perform in her family’s show on the Back Porch Theater. The following year the show completely changed, a new show was born called “My People” where Parton still performs to this day. Located in the DreamSong Theater where Heidi has met many of her loving and adoring fans. Performing alongside her father to this day her love for music just keeps growing. Throughout the years she has found that her father continues to inspire her in many ways, many of which have shaped her musical career.